Cold Pressed

We squeeze our juice gently juice using a juice press and twin gear juicers.


Unlike conventional methods, this doesn’t produce friction heat or undue amounts of aeration (tiny air bubbles). This works well for your juice because heat and oxidation (via exposure to the air bubbles) damages the nutrients within them.


Our cold presses not only extract juice more gently, it also does so more completely. Our process results in a more thorough extraction, resulting in richer, fuller juice and less wastage.


The taste and texture of our juices are unique and wonderfully refreshing, appreciate the difference in a sip!

Balanced Mix

We’ve carefully balanced many of our drinks not just for taste, but for your well being.


Fruit-only juices may be quite tasty, but you’d want to be careful because these are high in fructose (fruit sugar). It would not be the first time a person got diabetes from drinking a fruit-only juice too often. You would be much better served if there were some veggies in it- our mixes contain a variety of greens so you get the best of both worlds: veggies and fruit.


We believe each variety of produce brings its own unique benefits to your body, so we’ve juiced a spread of greens and fruit to give you that range. What’s more we’re continually adding to the line up of greens and fruit.


So now when you think you’re drinking a healthy juice, you actually are.

Always Fresh

How do we keep our juices fresh? Simple, we minimize their exposure to air by using cold presses AND then bottling them in air tight PET bottles. When combined with refrigeration, this allows the nutrients to stay alive and the flavour perky to your taste buds.


To get the most from your juices we recommend you drink them within 3 days of purchase.


What’s in off-the-shelf juices? Sugar, preservatives, stabilizers, more sugar, artificial sweeteners and other additives that you wouldn’t want to consider. Much less circulated in your body. Even fresh juice stores often water down their drinks and/or sweeten them with sugar.


What’s in ours? Ice? Not unless you ask for it. Just the natural nutrition that you’d expect from a premium pressed juice.


Heat is bad for the nutrients in your juice. Just as you wouldn’t boil an apple before eating it, drinking pasteurized (read: cooked) juice won’t give you the benefits you were hoping for. Unfortunately most juices don’t last very long on a shelf unpasteurized.


Like us, we suggest you seek your nutrition raw and off the shelf.


‘I would love to drink a premium pressed juice regularly but I just can’t afford the time to go down to your shop to replenish my juice supply every so often.’


We understand, we’re like you too. It’s not just a matter of convenience, its compatibility with your life and work patterns.

Priced For Everyday

We’ve been told that if you take a cup of regularly made fresh fruit juice and removed the ice, you’d be paying the same per ml.


That may be so. We’ve priced our cold pressed juice such that you could drink it as regularly as you want to. We think raw nutrition makes a difference and that it should be affordable to all.


Just as a person deserves to afford 3 meals a day, so it is with the price of our juices.

Delivery Rates

Below $250 purchase: $20 per trip

Above $250 purchase: Free Delivery


Delivery Time-slots:

Mon – Fri 9am to 12pm, 12 to 3pm, 3 to 7pm

Sat: No Deliveries

Sun: 3 to 7pm


Timings may change due to Public Holidays